Back to my boat owning roots

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An announcement went out today that formally cut my last direct links with the marine industry.

IBI news announcement of new DAME Awards chairman.

I’ve worked in some capacity with boating since 1985 when I joined Motor Cruiser magazine. What happened next was 15 fabulous and extremely busy years, most of them on Motor Boats Monthly magazine, where it seemed every weekend was spent on the water in some capacity or other and the weeks flew past putting magazines together.

There were the odd occasions when it all got a bit too much – such as the time someone tried to push aside the curtains on our aft cabin at eight in the morning, just to see the editor’s boat. They nearly got a bit more than they bargained for.

Even since deciding to grow up a little and resign the editorship of Motor Boats Monthly for more senior shore-based roles on and International Boat Industry magazine most of my time on the water has been work-related, in one form or another. But this year it’s been all about internet development across many titles at IPC and the DAME Awards resignation marks the end of a personal era.

So now I’m back to where I was prior to 1985, boating purely for fun. I think there needs to be a government retraining programme for such a change…it will take some time before I turn up on the boat without wondering whether I should be checking 24 other boats into a marina or assessing some piece of kit or other.

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