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For three years between 2005-2007 I was invited to deliver a lecture and workshop to post graduate students at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (Jomec). I really enjoyed the experience and hope that many of those I met when visiting are now carving out good careers somewhere on magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations.

The norm, especially in 2005, was for students to blog about visiting lecturers. I recently ran a Google search to see what had been written and produced the list below.

The truth always hurts, they say; as expected there was a mixed bag of comments (and the odd stressful instance of really sloppy reporting, such as the person that thought I worked for ICP Media). Anyhow, here’s a few of my favourite comments:

He had a evident fondness for using elaborate and rather complicated diagrams which were impossible to follow and not particularly enlightening even if you could manage to actually understand it.

His preparation was really impressive, although many who were planning a mid-morning nap had a change of circumstance when he began asking them questions. And you have to contribute, don’t you? Stop dribbling onto your shorthand notepad and interact.

What a very nice chappy, and a very inspiring lecturer (as a one off career).

Once again, I must reiterate, Mr Hallaby (sic) did not say anything that would cause his employers concern, nor did he threaten murder.

I liked the elitist feeling Hollamby drew out of me. We may all be part of the media, but only some of us are the media. Five grand well spent I say.

He logged in as a user in the reader forum on (a yachting and boating site) and posted a message saying he was with a group of students who wanted to know if these websites were any good. “I need your replies in 18 minutes,” he wrote. The first replies came almost instantly. One said: “Nah, they’re crap, but this is the best one around. Another said: “Is he any good at lecturing? I need your replies in three minutes.” To this Mr Hollamby replied: “I’m taking a vote. Yes: 80, No: they’re all too polite to tell the truth.”

The Head of Electronic Media at IPC was a geek. I suspect he’d even admit to it, if pushed. And better than just being a geek, he was a boat geek. I’d never met one before, but they seem like very nice people. Kim’s enthusiasm for journalism was rather contrary to Richard Burton’s – it seemed to stem from a real love of the subject matter, rather than a love of news at speed. Whilst Burton seemed to view his audience as strips of flypaper at which news should be flung until something stuck, one got the feeling that Hollamby would rather like to sit down for a chat with every one of his readers and check that the font wasn’t so small that it was hurting their eyes.

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