The Ferrari fix-up

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I just knew that had to happen.

Massa gets a 10,000 Euro fine (about 0.14% of rumoured annual pay) for being released into the path of another car in Valencia when for sure a McLaren doing the same thing would have picked up a penalty in the race.

This very next event Hamilton gets a post-race drive-through penalty of 25sec for gaining a dubious advantage over Raikkonen’s Ferrari at Spa today. Anything gained by Hamilton cutting one corner would not have allowed Massa or third-placed Heidfeld to catch up but the net effect of steward stupidity is both get elevated one place and Hamilton, who had the nerve and skill to keep his car on the track when Raikkonen couldn’t, gets dropped to third place. Ugh!

Suddenly there’s three points between the championship top two instead of eight and the run-in looks that bit closer. I hate conspiracy theories, but must confess to being terribly close to suggesting one – there’s definitely a Ferrari thing going on here.

What a stupid end to what threatened to be a great race.

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