Long time no write

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Been busy, neglectful, all that kind of thing.

Plus I suspect am guilty of worrying that my blogs should be worthy in some kind of way.

Which is, I know, tosh.

In fact, if truth be known, there’s a lot of rubbish that surrounds blogs generally. It probably doesn’t help that they became the hot way to get listed on search engines. So everyone had to have one. Or several. And all of them had to be entertaining but feature great SEO, which is of course the complete polar opposite of entertaining (search engine bots not particularly possessing a sense of humour or a sub editor’s not unreasonable dislike of 25 mentions of the same phrase).

Some media brands forced their staff to blog away like crazy, which was all pretty funny because not so many of them enjoyed the experience if my reading between the lines is anything to go by. The corporate blogs were (probably still are) even funnier in a mostly dull kind of way – their authors being dogged by the angel of honesty on the one side and the devil of corporate lawyers on the other.

Okay, all a bit cynical. There are some truly great blogs out there. My ego would like to believe I’ll rank among those one day, but the reality check says just tap away and have a bit of fun (in 229 words to this point, the full fat 2.7 version of WordPress tells me).

So I’ll aim to do some more posts and get back to adding in more of the Grand Tour round Britain boating articles I did nearly 10 years back. But don’t expect anything more than a random collection of whatever takes my fancy (you know, the kind of thing that happens when you talk to yourself, which is pretty much what I’m doing now).

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