Toilet humour

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Puzzling signage in the male facilities at Waterloo
Puzzling signage in the male facilities at Waterloo

It’s a slightly odd business, trying to take a picture with an iPhone in the gents at Waterloo station in London. I contemplated the folly of it for a moment or two. But the new signage above the urinals got the better of me.

Fortunately there was a lull in the steady flow of discharging vessels and so my snapping could not be overseen nor misunderstood (“it’s for my blog!” he was heard crying when lead away by British Transport Police).

I’m sure ‘stop cock’ was a well intentioned indicator for the resident plumber (or more likely the sub-sub-sub-contractor). But with the natty little symbol being placed above every other urinal you just have to wonder if someone didn’t have evil intent. After all, in these days of doing everything by the letter is there a chance, even a small one, that it will catch one of the more diligent users out?

Imagine Fred, with bladder full to bursting after discovering all the usual ‘on-train’ service levels are being met ie all loos being out of action on the 06:53 from Ruralville. He anticipates relief, vows never again to have that second cuppa before leaving home, then glances up and…

I think I’ll stop (cock) there.

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