Lionel Bart’s Blitz 5-9 May

Lionel Bart's Blitz
Lionel Bart's Blitz

My next show is looming large and to maintain a 2009 theme it is one that I have not seen or worked on before.

Lionel Bart is, in the eyes of many, a bit of a one-hit wonder and Oliver! appears to have as much appeal today as it ever did. It is often forgotten that the original London production of Blitz ran for nearly 600 performances and set some new benchmarks for musicals including massive staging (Broadway baulked at it) and the much more obvious use of lighting than was currently in vogue. The score was subsequently lost for many years but the show is now enjoying something of a mini-renaissance, at least with amateur companies.

The Sainsburys Singers production will use a much simplified set, which promises a useful area to light. Unlike a lot of musicals where getting a lot of colour onto the stage is the order of the day, this one feels that it should be smokey and monochromatic. The gel swatches are now well thumbed ahead of receiving final stage plans and seeing the run-through next week.

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