Les Miserables 25th tour at the Barbican

We went to see the 25th anniversary production of Les MisÚrables at the Barbican last night. Within the first minute it became clear that the production is very different from the original. Different as in better or worse? No, we came to the conclusion it was just different. All of which shows the ultimate influence a production team has on the base material of a show.

Disco Inferno – the musical

Disco Inferno was a bit of a surprise bundle for me, insofar as I had never seen the show before and there didn’t appear to be much in the way of any information on it on the internet. Probably best described as in the ‘We Will Rock You/Mamma Mia genre with the devlish influence of Witches of Eastwick and the disco hits of the 1970s, author Jai Sepple wrote the show in 1993 to, in his words, “rekindle some of those long forgotten memories of the decade of flares, platforms, glam and disco” and in that he succeeded. In a lengthy three hours or so the show romps through 25 of the most recognisable hits of the era, punctuated by a story about the perils of greed and the desire for stardom.