Gadget that can prevent strokes?

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Wondertek Powerline Ethernet BridgeI get some fairly interesting propositions cross my path from time to time, especially from China, but this one is something of a wonder gadget by the looks of things.

The Powerline Ethernet Bridge can prevent strokes. And it mentions antifouling, a chore any boat owner does his best to avoid. So if it can prevent that too, I’m in.

The finish also sounds, well, interesting a ‘pure white tonal grinding material shell.’ It brings to mind an offer once made to us by Pedro Boot bv in the Netherlands when buying Andantino we would receive, the boatbuilder’s feature list assured us, ‘massive luxurious cocks’ (or rather nice bathroom taps to you and I).

It seems hope remains for those that attempt to earn a living as a wordsmith…

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