Gobos to the fore in Jekyll and Hyde

Gobos in use for Jekyll and HydeHow to set different scenes for a musical when the staging is largely black box? That was the challenge when The Sainsbury Singers staged Jekyll and Hyde The Musical in the Hexagon, Reading in May.

I came up with a number of different solutions with the lighting design which featured, among other things, six Robe Robin 300Es, a mix of 22 Lantra and Chauvet LED PAR cans overhead, an LED batten ground row for the cyc and a series of Sunstrip Active battens as footlights. Plus a load of conventional fixtures.

Control was by LightFactory, which provided the chance of doing some homework ahead of going in and corrections at home during the production days.

For all the technology though it was a good old fashioned lighting technique that was most commented on, even to the extent that some people thought we were back projecting to get the effect.

I rigged a series of Source 4 10 degree lanterns on the front balcony truss and these projected gobos on the cyc to create different scenes. All were stock gobos (for example the street scene was created using one gobo from Goboland and another from Rosco). For the Red Rat scene I created a custom gobo which, rather cheekily, mimicked the Sainsbury Singers logo.

You can see the results for yourself here, rather pleasing as a way of suggesting different locations.

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