Grand Tour Day 41: Hafen Pwllheli

Missing Link log 27 May 1999

Ken WatsonSo the sun can shine in Wales! I was beginning to think that it had left us forever, but didn’t hesitate to use the morning’s warmth to give Missing Link a good clean inside and out before preparing a mountain of sandwiches and stocking the fridge for a series of visits by local marine companies.

Missing Link‘s crew for the start of the week, Ken Watson, pitched in with the tasks in hand before departing in the elusive search of a one-way car hire back to Swansea. His immediate replacement was my co-host for the day, Al Paton, the latest addition to our advertisement sales team.

Al PatonAl had driven up from London this morning and then spent all afternoon and the early evening meeting with some of the folk who are rapidly turning the Tremadoc Bay area into one of the most significant leisure boating areas outside of the English south coast. His antidote to all this activity? A two-hour exploration of the beaches and roads around and about Pwllheli by mountain bike, undeterred by the sudden arrival of a rainstorm. My antidote? Falling asleep on Missing Link‘s saloon settee after a not entirely successful attempt to catch up on paperwork.

I finally stirred to hear Al’s tales of giant jellyfish swimming past a headland before Missing Link‘s complement rose to five with the arrival of my parents and wife Michelle, my temporarily soggy crew for the weekend. As if to say welcome, the lightning forked, the thunder cracked and the rain fell even harder.

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This article originally appeared on the Motor Boats Monthly website.

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