Grand Tour Day 58: Carrickfergus to Bangor

Missing Link log 13 June 1999

Crew: Kim Hollamby, Malcolm Threadgould, Sally Threadgould and Alex McMullen.
From: Carrickfergus Marina, Belfast Lough, NI.
To: Bangor Marina, Belfast Lough, NI.

Port engine start hours: 381.4. Finish hours: 381.9. Hours run: 0.5.
Stbd engine start hours: 381.6. Finish hours: 382.0. Hours run: 0.4.
Log start: 4315.4nm. Log finish: 4322.2nm. Distance run: 6.8nm.

Navigation log
Pay berthing fee 13.50.
1112: start engines.
1115: off berth. Wind: SW to W F4. Hard rain. Top cover left on flybridge, drive from below.
1123: Fairway SWM.
1135: inside entrance at Bangor.
1142: berth E8.

Malcolm’s wife Sally flew in for the weekend yesterday, taking the Easy Jet red-eye out of Luton. The pair walked round Belfast for much of the day before making their weary way back to Missing Link where Associate Editor Alex McMullen had also arrived.

When Alex joined as Missing Link‘s first Grand Tour crew, we started by doing our shortest leg so far, the 3.1nm from Port Solent to Haslar in Portsmouth Harbour. Now he has reported for his second stint we’ve done our second shortest leg, the 6.8nm from Carrickfergus to Bangor.

Bangor Marina
Bangor Marina

Mind you, the passage wasn’t exactly pleasant, carried out in driving rain which made us leave the flybridge covers on and cower below. The town of Bangor surrounds the marina and looks like a good place to explore. We’ve heard good reports about the marina also, but for now we’re happy to shelter and avoid the damp stuff.

The weather is getting more unsettled and we’re not quite sure where we’ll be by tomorrow night, but if given a gap to cross to the eastern side of the Kintyre peninsula we should be safe from threatened strong winds out of the west. Alex is now busy drawing up alternative navigation plans for Ballycastle on the Antrim coast of Northern Ireland or Campbeltown in Scotland, getting familiar Missing Link‘s chart plotters into the bargain as part of our research for a new Hands On series.

More news tomorrow.

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