Strand Lighting’s new site: better but migration woes

Strand Lighting websiteGood news – Strand Lighting has done something to sort its website and it looks a lot better. Bad news – it hasn’t bothered to redirect any of its old links – try to access them and you get a page with some old navigation and a brace of javascript errors.

It’s not nice work, it’s often tedious but getting proper 301 redirects in place when you migrate site content to new platforms is at the least desirable and in real terms highly desirable from a search engine optimisation point of view. Bit focused on this at the moment as we have a lot of similar exercises to perform soon.

Meantime I’ve updated my blog on the Classic Palette and its Offline Palette software to correct the link for the software download.

Another hiccup with the site is the only product support seems to be for Strand’s current range. Fortunately there’s an alternative out there in the form of the independently run Strand Archive site.

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