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BBC The Apprentice…is it really possible that teams of potentially intelligent people can pratfall so spectacularly and so often? Can it just be a combination of pressure and clever cutting room antics? Or is it not so much the “job interview from hell” and more the ‘numpties gathering from hell’?

I’ve been stuck in today waiting for a package and remembered I had a few of the current series of The Apprentice saved and awaiting my viewing pleasure. Well it’s a good idea the house is empty and the neighbours are out; my anguished wails have reached an all-time high watching the episode where one team decides to create a national singles day card to be sold…one day before Valentine’s Day (so no problem stocking that one then) and the other team creates a card to remind people to be more environmentally friendly…so that’s an environmentally friendly idea then. The environmental idea lost…not least because the ultimately fired team leader (the banker) was obviously arrogant and the environmentalist he saved told Clintons she was buying less cards…err…because of the environment. Give me strength!

Most depressing of all is the number of clichés that flop out onto the boardroom table, once they all get attacked by Suralun. If that is all that education and business training is doing for UK plc these days then we’re all in trouble.

Fortunately, one imagines the smart monkeys stay well away from this nonsense. They do, right?

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