Surface pressure synoptic charts and swell charts by email

As a UK tax payer it’s always annoying to know that my tax pounds don’t give me access to full data from the tax-funded Met Office. Thank goodness then for the US Freedom of Information Act. We send the data to NOAA in America and they have to share it. Perfect!

There’s any number of ways of getting this data and I have links to the most useful thing, the Met Office fax charts here.

However I found this rather different way of accessing synoptic charts in TIFF format by sending plain text emails

The email needs to be sent to

Leave the subject blank (or stick in there whatever you want)

In the body paste this exactly as below:

cd fax
get PPVA89.TIF

No spaces allowed. And remember it must be plain text.

For the different types of chart available substitute the following file names in bold:

PJGA93.TIF Sea Swell/Wind Direction Analysis (North Atlantic)
PJGE93.TIF 24HR Sea Swell/Wind Direction Forecast (North Atlantic)
PJLG98.TIF 36HR Sea Swell/Wind Direction Forecast (North Atlantic &Carib)
PJGI93.TIF 48HR Sea Swell/Wind Direction Forecast (North Atlantic)
PPVA89.TIF Surface Analysis (North Atlantic)
PPVE89.TIF 24HR Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
PPVG89.TIF 36HR Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
PPVI89.TIF 48HR Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
PPVJ89.TIF 60HR Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
PPVK89.TIF 72HR Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
PPVM89.TIF 96HR Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
PPVO89.TIF 120HR Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
PPVP89.TIF 132HR Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
PTUK21.TIF Mean Sea Isotherm Chart 5 Day Analysis, NE Atlantic & North Sea

To obtain multiple files add multiple get requests eg

cd fax
get PPVA89.TIF
get PPVE89.TIF
get PPVG89.TIF
get PPVI89.TIF

To get a load of info regarding this NOAA service relevant to European waters send this in the email body:

cd fax
get ftpcmd.txt
get rfaxtif.txt
get rfaxatl.txt
get otherfax.txt
get uk.txt
get robots.txt

Or to access the same info via a web browser:

NOAA FTP mail commands
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International charts
UK marine products
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