Grand Tour 10 years on

Missing Link entering Port Solent 17 April 1999
Missing Link entering Port Solent 17 April 1999 at the start of the Grand Tour

This day 10 years ago I set out on the journey of a lifetime, a 4100-mile 147-day trip around Britain and near continental harbours.

The bit I remember most about this day, which started at Port Solent and ended at Haslar just a short run away, was the disquieting feeling that I had called my own bluff. Was the plan, largely conceived on scraps of paper while rail commuting, really going to work out?

I now know I wouldn’t have missed what followed for all of the world. And I would do it all over again, one day, if circumstance allows. Perhaps though with a couple of years to enjoy the many places that we have right under our noses when cruising UK waters.

Meantime I’ll be re-living the experience by restoring my Grand Tour stories here.

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