Formanda gets some finesse

Formanda's 240V shorepower panel
Formanda's 240V shorepower panel
Cannot resist showing off a bit now that the woodwork surrounding Formanda‘s Blue Sea shorepower panel has been completed. It’s not perfect, but it brings a smile every time I see it at the moment.

Like much else of what we have been doing on our epic Beecham Searider 45 restoration the shorepower panel installation was quite a job. First we had a smaller hole where the old Webasto heater panel was located, just underneath the chart drawer. This had to be opened up. Then we had to create a structure for the Blue Sea panel to sit in, with a generous recess to protect from any knocks or spray from a nearby window. After that Michelle created the wiring loom that hooks up with a nearby terminal box and we ran everything into place. Finally we had to create the back panelling to protect fingers from a shock in the food cupboard behind.

It could have stopped there but we had to veneer around the inside faces of the recess and repurpose some redundant mahogany ceiling trim to edge off the whole affair. Years ago I didn’t have the patience for this work and even a few months back I was deeming it ‘cosmetic’ and therefore a job-for-the-future (that sink hole of all neglected tasks). However a few weeks back I got in tune with my woodworking genes (I suspect I actually have some) and got on with finishing off. The whole lot was finished with Epifanes Rubbed Effect varnish – the finish we eventually hope to use right through Formanda as we deal with her acres of internal brightwork.

Inspired I soon veneered and mitred my way around a new fire extinguisher recess housing underneath the lower helm. And am now halfway through constructing a tricky curved box to hide some pipes in the forward heads. After a couple of years of hard slog these are the jobs that are starting to add the finesse to Formanda and set her right for the next 30 years.

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