Skyscanner flight search without tears

Skyscanner flight search

Circumstances today meant I was considering flight options to travel to Menorca at very short notice. What I quickly found was the island is reasonably well served by direct charter flights but, just out of season, not so well blessed with midweek options. A solution would require some fiddling around.

I hate most conglomerate flight search tools; thanks to smart SEO they clutter up Google search results and yet mostly make you do all of the work to the extent it feels you might as well have searched all airlines yourself. But then I came across Edinburgh-based Skyscanner, which seems intuitive and reasonably comprehensive.

In my first searches Skyscanner only missed out one indirect airline option that I had otherwise found – flying Air Nostrum from neighbouring Mallorca or via Madrid.

If I had one wish it would be for Skyscanner to show flight options from all UK airports, or at least allow multiple selection instead of needing to select one airport at a time; the site also passes you onto airline sites to make the booking (and hence a multiple booking involving two or more airlines would need to be co-ordinated carefully as Skyscanner itself warns). However thanks to its nice UI and interesting results this has become my first site of choice to do any heavylifting on flight enquiries.

Here’s an alternate way that Skyscanner can be used to search via a map:

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