Gale break

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Synoptic chart for 1 October 2010
Synoptic chart for 1 October 2010

Here’s one of the reasons why our intended mini break on Formanda has not ventured beyond a Haslar Marina pontoon this week. As I write the wind is blowing around 33-40 knots more or less onto the aft end of the boat and we’re watching rainwater being bullied in troubled furrows uphill along the reverse sheer of her decks. A good time to be sat alongside a bit of wood with several lengths of string secured to it.

Ah well, when you book these things you always have an Indian summer in mind and try to ignore the fact that, sat uncomfortably close to the equinox, late September can be a little emotional.

Will be interesting to see if yesterday’s brave attempt at varnishing has survived the onslaught. Meantime, an all stations message to whoever is doing a rain dance: please desist, it’s working just a bit too well.

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