Abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower for the Wetwheels Foundation

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Spinnaker Tower PortsmouthAfter years of supporting all manner of charity things and Just Giving little bits of my life away I’ve decided to turn game keeper (or is it poacher?) and fling myself off of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth in aid of the WetWheels Foundation, for which I am a trustee. In a fine spirit of togetherness I have decided to fling my wife Michelle off with me (okay a slight lie – Michelle of course decided she was very much up for jumping off the deep end too).

It’s happening on Sunday 31 August at 0830 and Michelle and I have between now and then to raise £500 minimum.

Our CAF donation page looks a little bit basic to say the least but it is where you can most easily donate. We’re now reached our target of £500 and will be writing to all of you that helped us but we’d like to raise more so if you are able to donate we’d both really appreciate it.

Wetwheels is the brainchild of Geoff Holt MBE who puts every last waking hour into this venture. We’ve just launched a basic site for the charity which you can find at wetwheelsfoundation.org. From here you can view the sites of the current operations in the Solent and Jersey and see all of the fine work being done with disabled and disadvantaged people.





We did it! And it was a brilliant experience.

It was the first time either of us had abseiled that distance (and the first time for me full stop). I was surprised how tired my braking arm got about half way down, but being blessed with a good head for heights there were no palpitation moments and it also helped the weather turned out just fine.

Michelle was slightly less lucky, having managed to burn her chin on the figure of eight as it sprang back at her face on landing. A local restaurant kindly supplied some cooling ice.

Final sum raised between us both was £1063 including £250 match funding from Royal Bank of Scotland.


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