BMF becomes British Marine

British Marine magazine Summer 2015Exciting times at the British Marine Federation which has now rebranded to become British Marine. That has led to us relaunching BMF Magazine too.

I’ve worked on a lot of brand relaunches over the years but never one better received than this one. The Union Flag has enjoyed an emotional rollercoaster over the years since the Second World War when it was a patriotic symbol of the struggle for freedom, before finding itself in somewhat more muddled uses. In its most recent renaissance it has been reclaimed to symbolise all that makes modern Britain great. Red white and blue will be the new rallying call for British Marine member companies from now on.

To match all the work undertaken by the British Marine marketing team I reworked the magazine design to reflect the new styles and house fonts. It has freshened things up nicely for this publication which goes out four times per year to all 1600 members.


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