Amateur lighting designer – geek or artist?

I’ve noticed that it is almost universally the case (by which I mean I haven’t seen anything different) that lighting designers for amateur shows get a credit that is always one line and buried somewhat in the middle of the backstage crew. Whereas most professional lighting designers seem to pop up with some kind of mini biog in the middle of the production team.

Space Virgin takes flight

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Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo has fled the nest of its twin fuselage WhiteKnightTwo mothership Eve and landed on its own for the first time at Mojave Air and Space Port in California, USA.

VSS Enterprise is designed to carry six passengers and fly at up to Mach 3.5 at 68 miles altitude, just under a third of the way up to the International Space Station. The first test release was at 45,000ft; just 5000ft lower than the planned release altitude for space flight.

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