du Pr Marine launched

It’s been a little while since I was involved in the launch of a website, let alone the creation of one. The addition of a new company to our group, du Pr Marine, has provided the excuse to dust off skills and catch up with the current state of various content management platforms.

At first I was considering using WordPress for the site; it seems to be much greater than a mere blogging tool now and I really enjoy working with it on here when I have the time. But in the end I selected Joomla. It took a few hours and a couple of headache pills to get to grips with it. However the end result is good and it gives us a basis for getting going with the first of our product lines in the new company, FLIR thermal imaging cameras.

Hebron becomes Double First

Busy few days moving the whole company from its previous brand identity of 21 years, Hebron UK Ltd, to Double First Ltd.

Intensive sales efforts in the Middle East over the past few weeks are adding to the list of schools that are using our management information system Engage. But sharing our company identity with the name of the largest city in the West Bank has created some concerns that we might be misunderstood in some way, a reaction that was never foreseen when Hebron was founded.

So we’re moving the corporate brand to Double First, a name that originally featured on a successful suite of software written by the company a decade or more back.