dupre.co.uk relaunched

There’s been a lot of work going on to transform the du Pré plc brand, reflecting its move from a telecommunication specialist to fully converged IT and communications services. The latest step was to completely relaunch the company website to represent its key focus areas and also to provide it with a responsive template for use on all screen sizes including mobiles and tablets.

Double First’s new website

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It’s overdue – a project that kept getting bounced due to other priorities – but Double First now has a new website. We’ve simultaneously partnered with Parature to provide the company’s new Knowledgebase and Support Centre, replacing the old Our … Read More

Hebron becomes Double First

Busy few days moving the whole company from its previous brand identity of 21 years, Hebron UK Ltd, to Double First Ltd.

Intensive sales efforts in the Middle East over the past few weeks are adding to the list of schools that are using our management information system Engage. But sharing our company identity with the name of the largest city in the West Bank has created some concerns that we might be misunderstood in some way, a reaction that was never foreseen when Hebron was founded.

So we’re moving the corporate brand to Double First, a name that originally featured on a successful suite of software written by the company a decade or more back.