Here is a collection of marine weather weblinks that I have gathered over the years to assist weather forecasting when boating.

In the interests of speed many of the web addresses target images or individual frames or pages directly to save download time. For that reason you need to be careful, if using the same address several times, that the browser has not served an old version out of cache; if in doubt hit refresh. The same also applies to the OnlineWeather forecasts which tend to stay in the cache and serve old data.

With the actual weather information from weather buoys and from other weather stations do check the previous few hours if possible (further down the page on some of the reports) to ensure that the data looks like it is live – sometimes these stations issue erroneous data which is only obvious if you look at the historic trend.

Version history

v3.04 Various changes (mostly deletions of defunct private stations) to the local weather reports page. US Navy synoptic addresses updated. Additional USAF Sembach charts added.

v3.03 NOAA site English Channel lightship links updated and link added (thanks for feedback from Bill Bond). Also marine weather bookmarks section page links added to each page.

v3.02 Amended US Navy links on synoptic chart page, added US Navy links on wind charts page and amended US Navy links on service page.

v3.01 Moved to new site, Nowcast and synoptic references removed.

v2.08 Fixed Accuweather links and added Margate local forecast.

v2.07 Changes to UK actuals including updated URL for CHIMET and removal of stations 62051 and 62202 which have been deleted by NOAA.

v2.06 Swellfinder URL changed in wave height section to target British Isles chart.

v2.05 New actuals added for Belgium and Netherlands including significant wave heights off Belgium coast.

v2.04 UK actuals links reviewed, dead links removed and new ones added for the Thames Estuary, Isle of Wight and Lands End.

v2.03 NDBC buoy data down due to Hurricane Katrina; Met Office MAWS (Marine Automatic Weather Station) network equivalents added and MAWS homepage link added to Weather service source pages section (provides access to 14-day summaries of same stations at 12-hourly intervals.

v2.02 new Netherlands actual and local forecasts added, provided via translation pages; Meteo France Belgium border to Baie de Somme local forcast added. WetterOnline Oostende changed to English language version and Zeebrugge three-day forecast deleted (broken, continually showing calm).

v2.01 NOAA source synoptic charts in TIF format added to synoptic section.

v2.00 site moved into XHTML transitional code to assist with use on mobile devices.

v1.04 swellfinder site added to wave height page (shows forecast British Isles wave heights and direction in graphic form).

v1.03 altered URLs on US Navy synoptics to reflect the fact now hosted on a secure server.

v1.02 added Bramble Bank and Southampton Met to actuals list.

v1.01 added full navigation to each page and altered the web addresses for the Bracknell synoptics to directly target IP address of server.