l’Hermione: seduction and discovery

A couple of years back, when IPC Media moved into its Blue Fin building on London’s South Bank, I wound up in an office with a blank expanse of wall that was crying out for a picture. A few weeks later I found the solution…a Philip Plisson picture of the near symmetrical skeletal innards of a large wooden ship. The geometry of the picture seduced me each day I walked past the.gallery@oxo and eventually I weakened and bought it. My walk to the office was rather odd after that, somewhat hampered as it was by hugging the five foot or so of substantially framed purchase.

When I left IPC the Plisson print left with me; which was a story in itself as my earlier pedestrian efforts suggested the need for a car collection and I forgot to pay the congestion charge the day I picked it up; an easy way to lose £60.